Legacy House

        The Legacy House is the outcome of two women visiting the jail and two women being visited. A strong friendship was formed through the gospel of Jesus Christ but the follow-up was difficult with setbacks. A safe-home became a matter of prayer, much discussion and some looking…. years later…

        In January of 2007 Pastor Greg Rowan offered one of his rental houses for that purpose. Since the previous renters were asked to leave after six months of no payments the condition of the house was expected to be poor but a challenge.

        February 12, 2007 was the first official meeting of which a Board of Directors was formed. The five-member board consisted of Kathy Lawnichak, Maureen Brady, Catherine Cobury, Shirley Sorrels and Kathy Keaton. In March of 2007 Gail Becker replaced Kathy Keaton who had moved to Traverse City.

        With the aid of Tom Evaschevski The Articles of Incorporation were accepted by the State of Michigan and on April 11, 2007 The Legacy House was official.