Since our beginning in February of 2007 we have been in a constant state of change and growth, these are the qualities we believe are necessary for us personally and for the longevity of Legacy House.

We were of very basic thinking when we first began. Provide a place to live, offer bible studies and get togethers weekly, of course this was valuable, but we soon found that more was needed.

Led by the Holy Spirit we began to explore what could be done to improve what we offered.

Our desire to help women goes beyond the house itself, therefore all our programs are offered to anyone who desires to participate.

     What we offer:

  • Personal Growth
  • Affordable Housing
  • Structured Environment
  • Safety
  • Information to set up a plan for success
  • Mentorship
  • Computer access
  • Personal enrichment online college classes
  • Resource

More on what we offer:

  • Personal Growth. Bible and other book studies are held each Thursday from 7-9 pm and women from the community are welcomed as well.
  • Affordable Housing. Once employed the residents are expected to pay a certain portion of their wages.

Another avenue of our ministry is to provide affordable rent to employed women.

  • Structured Environment……we have a house monitor to oversee all aspects of the house.
  • We do background and reference checks. Interviews are also conducted to assure the safety of each individual that assists with and stay at the home.
  • Board members and Faith-based women of the community offer support as needed.
  • Computer Access. Computer and printer are now available in the home for resident use.
  • Personal enrichment. We now offer aid for online classes. Assistance is available for all women of our Community, this includes assistance with child care.
  • The women of Legacy House are wrapped with resources from the community, including budgeting classes, counseling and much more.